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Placas CTP termosensibles

Información básica

Modelo:  TP-P

Descripción del producto

Número de modelo: TP-P Uso: Impresión de Digitaces, impresión de Flexo Estilo: Positivo Material: Nilón Tipo de la resina: Placa de CTP Las placas termosensibles de CTP de TP-P son estudio él mismo y período; Tenga la siguiente característica:
Product Feature  product performance     Excellent dot reproduction, stable performance, latitude    
Use Life 100 thousand pieces, After baking can achieve 150 thousands.
Reduce Costs High speed of the plate, ink balance performance, through paper version with less, loading ink fast, ink usage rate high
Suitability Compatible mainstream thermal platesetter and processor machine, adaptability.
cost performance Higher
Main Parameter Sensitive wavelength 830nm
Laser Energy 130-150mJ/cm2
distinguishability 1%-99%@200lpi,can suitable to  FM Screen
Uv ink adapitive After baked to use
Baking condition 230ºC-250ºC,5-8minis(use the dedicated baked adhesive)
Safety lamp Under the fluorescent lamp and white light 2 hours,Under the yellow light 12 hours
Storage condition Store in a dry, cool place, storage temperature 5C -30c ,humidity not bigger than 55%.
Warrantee period 12 months
Developing Parameter Developing liquid TPD-III Developing liquid
Developing temperature 24C degree -26C degree
Develop time 20sec-30sec
Dynamic condition supplement 130ml/cm2
static state supplement 110ml/hour
hairbrush speed 90-100rpm
Plate quantity 1800 square meter-2500square meter
Support chemical Clean liquid Recommending our TPC clean liquid
Protection glue Recommending our TPC clean liquid
Printing relative drug Tha same as requiment as PS plate
Attention points 1. easier than the traditional PS version is scratched, access should be gently.
2. The plate should be set to the correct parameters developer, the developer should be replaced.
3. The non-use of violence, carrying CTP version.

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